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Foody come natura vuole - music

music sheet for voice and piano

The music sheets of FOODY come natura vuole – promoting a healthy nutrition and a positive relationship with food.

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  • Author: Roberto Piumini, Andrea Basevi
  • Edition (cm): 21x29,7
  • Year: 2015
  • Pages: 72
  • Bookbinding: punti metallici
  • Editing and bibliographical updating: Giulia Perni
  • Front cover: a colori
  • Series: Ascoltando s'impara
  • Languages: italiano

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Meet the 15 characters of FOODY: Orange, Banana, Basil, Carrot, Onion, Fig, Lemon, Corn, Apple, Pomegranade, Walnut, Potato, Pear, Tomato and Rice. Add two adult characters: The Chef, The Baritone or Tenor and the Soprano Painter.

Each of the characters has its own tempo and melody. A tribute to Cipolla, the melodics songs of Basil and Lemon, a touch of Gardel Argentine Tango with Corn, 40's Italian songs with Pomegranade, the soothing rythm of berceuse with Fig, the modern rap with Walnuts and the tribute to Chinese pentatonic music with Rice... up to the unmissable jazz song performed by Banana!

The arias of the adult characters are dedicated to the operetta tradition. The aria of the desperate Chef is a short lyrical scene ending in a melodic duet, the Painter's aria is a recitativo and a sweet song, the final love duet is a tribute to Monteverdi and the ending of Poppea. 

About the Author    

Andrea Basevi began studying with Mario Moretti, then graduated from the Conservatory of Turin in Choral Music and Chorus Conducting with Don Virgilio Bellone, and in Composition with Gilberto Bosco. He continued his studies with Brian Ferneyhough at the Staatlische Hochschüle fur Musik in Freiburg, and with Luciano Berio in Florence. Additionally, he attended a Course in Ethnomusicology with Simha Arom at the Accademia Chigiana, Siena. In 1989 he was noticed at Bucchi Price with a musical fairytale broadcasted by RAI, and subsequently won the Competition Play and Music of the Italian music magazine Amadeus.

He composed music for drama for the Repertory Theatres of Genoa and Turin, written film music for the Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia Rome, and has received special mention from Ennio Morricone in a Chigiana Academy competition.

He has worked extensively on the music / voice relation, producing radio works, songs for children and opera on texts by author Roberto Piumini. He has been active in primary education, as director in Genoa of the chorus in various Primary Schools and the De Amicis Library.
With Piumini he has produced two books for children on musical instruments and notation, published by Fabbri editor in Milan. From 2006 he is President of AIKEM, association for music education with the Kodály methodology. Basevi has involved other composers in projects related to various mediums Montale: the poet’s voice, Music for Van Dick, For Giorgio Caproni, Concert for the day of the Memory.

He has composed the short operas for children Zazie adapted from Queneau, Pinocchio from Collodi, Peter Panfrom Barrie, Alice from Lewis Carroll, and from Piumini’s books The Empoli’s circus, The Malafiato, The Brema’s musicians. He is Artistic Director of Music Association Sant’Ambrogio, which promotes contemporary music. He teaches Harmony at the Conservatory of Alessandria.

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Foody come natura vuole - music

Foody come natura vuole - music

The music sheets of FOODY come natura vuole – promoting a healthy nutrition and a positive relationship with food.

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