Alberto Patron, PILLARS

opus P 10 per organo / for organ

This work was chosen as the Obligatory Piece of

The Patron International Pipe Organ Competition 2022

Discographic Excellence Award of Contemporary Music Performance


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The Aporetic Music has been defined as one of the most relevant novelties of contemporary musical research in recent decades; founded by Patron in 1989/90 in France, it has had the opportunity to be welcomed and spread for its skeptical approach to all the things. With this work written in 1994, Patron analyzes a particular aspect of the society, disclosing theories that will only spread twenty years later. It is the result of a unitary project, Pillars is not only a contemporary musical composition, but a real social framework, to be experienced in person even before being interpreted, a futuristic innovative vision of music and of the relationship that involves the composer-interpreter-audience triad, offering through a writing that is only apparently essential, outstanding possibilities and interpretative freedom, which design and indicate an innovative progress in the musical research, capable of opening new horizons, in which gestures expand the artistic sharing, in a metacognitive process that transcends each material data, reinventing itself in its sociosemiotic expressiveness. A book to be interpreted on stage, as in everyday life. 


Alberto Patron (1969, Pordenone, Italy)

Composer of contemporary music, graduated in various artistic and scientific fields. He is the founder in 1990 of the contemporary musical trend called "The Aporetic Music", which finds its roots in the Aporetic Philosophy, defined one of the most remarkable innovation of the contemporary music research of the last thirty years.

As Author his music catalog, drawn up on an international research doctorate project by prof. L.R. Weathersby, Ph.D., has over 200 works for various ensembles, from solo instruments to the big symphonic orchestra, he receives musical commissions from artists and ensembles worldwide, his works are currently published, recorded, and performed nationally and internationally by known concert artists.

Some of his works are studied and analyzed for artistic, scientific and university purposes.

His name is written in several International Music Encyclopedias, and some of his writings and books are kept in the main libraries (The British Library, London; The New York Public Library; Bibliothèque Nationale de France; Biblioteca Nazionale Centrale di Firenze, etc.).

Alberto Patron is invited to radio and television broadcasts and debates for the main information media, and called as a jury member in both national and international composition and performance competitions.

In the academic field, as a professor he teaches and collaborates with numerous national and international scientific realities, universities, music conservatories and institutions. He was appointed as international artistic consultant for the Government of the State of Louisiana (United States of America), where he also intervened to help the recovery of the economy and the art, in the post-Katrina period, he collaborates with Public Administrations, Institutional and Ministerial Bodies.

He holds managerial and representative functions for artistic and professional organizations, both national and international, and promotes the culture of scientific research and innovation, of human and social progress. In 2021 he was awarded with the Gold Medal of Saint Stephen, for his high artistic and cultural merits.

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