For years, Sillabe has been accumulating a wealth of splendid images of paintings, sculptures, archaeological finds and minor arts, thanks to special photographic campaigns, which have been commissioned to noteworthy Italian photographers.

Through an efficient loan service, Sillabe places its artistic patrimony at the public’s disposal. The Archive includes over 3,000 images of important works, found in the most important Italian and foreign museums, major libraries and minor collections. Masterpieces by the greatest Italian and foreign artists from medieval times to the present are now available through exceptional reproduction.

Special attention has always been given to Tuscany – its landscapes, villas and countless artistic sites.

Moreover, Sillabe is able to supply its own information database, put together thanks to constant collaborations with the greatest art historians of Italy. The Photo Archive enables users to request standard (colour transparencies, prints and colour slides) or digital supports (high and low resolution, in any format).

To request our price list, photographic materials or more information regarding this service, please contact, specifying as subject "Archivio fotografico Sillabe".