Sillabe is one of the most important Italian publishing houses and merchandise design and production companies, involved in the distribution and promotion of all forms of art: painting, sculpture, restoration, architecture, cinema, music, theater, fashion, photography and graphics, through exhibition catalogs, monographs, tourist guides, literary essays and educational material for adults and young readers.

The publishing catalog encompasses leading Italian museums and cultural organizations.  Catalog, monograph and guide commissions include: the Florentine National Museums, the Stibbert Museum of Florence, the Vatican Museums, the Siena Cathedral, San Gimignano’s Civic Museums and Cathedral, the “Pietro Mascagni” Conservatory of Livorno, the “L. Boccherini” Conservatory of Lucca, among others.  Series include: Profili, Profili pocket, Parole dell’Arte, Ascoltando s’impara, etc.

Sillabe’s collaboration with the Opera Laboratori has been pivotal and historic, as they together manage bookshops and the additional services of important organizations such as the Florentine National Museums (for which it produces products with the brand “Firenze Musei”), the Siena Municipal Museums, the Stibbert Museum and Galileo Galilei Museums of Florence, the Santa Maria della Scala Museum in Siena, the Siena Civic Museum, the Opera del Duomo Museum in Siena, the San Gimignano Civic Museum, the San Gimignano Cathedral Museum, the San Pietro Museum in Colle di Val D’Elsa, the Abbey of Sant’Antimo, the Temple of San Biagio in Montepulciano as well as the famous Vatican Museums.

Since 2015, Sillabe has been a partner of Costa Edutainment in managing giftshops at the Aquariums of Genoa, Livorno, and Cattolica, as well as the Malta Marine Park, Italia in Miniatura and Oltremare. It handles editorial and educational publications addressing the marine environment, aimed at raising public awareness to create a more responsible relationship with the environment.

The Sillabe catalog includes all forms of ranging from Italian to foreign, ancient to modern.  The brand “TL by Sillabe” is dedicated to leisure and is an editorial line of city art guides.  The project “In viaggio s’impara” (Learn by Travelling) is aimed at younger explorers, and came from the idea of bringing children closer to great themes in art.  The merchandising is illustrated with colorful drawings set in the most important architecture of major Italian cities, and focuses on illustrious figures from our country (Dante, Boccaccio, Raphael, Michelangelo, Leonardo).  

The music catalog dedicated to children and young adults is also noteworthy, with musical works specially created and published to bring the world of children closer to that of opera, entertainment, theater, and music.  In addition to musical publishing activities, Sillabe also deals with musical productions and dramatized performances, intended for both school audiences and the general public.  Recent productions include the pop opera “Il Gatto con gli Stivali” (Puss in Boots) at the Teatro Goldoni in Livorno, “Lorenzo de’ Medici e lo stemma misterioso” (Lorenzo de’ Medici and the Mysterious Coat of Arms) at the Teatro Verdi in Florence, “Il Canto degli Alberi. Il magico viaggio di Antonio Stradivari” (The Song of the Trees: the Magical Journey of Antonio Stradivari) in the Arvedi Auditorium at the Museo del Violino, “Il Soldatino di Stagno” (The Steadfast Tin Soldier) at Scuola Normale Superiore, etc.

Sillabe has an important line of business in art paper goods, personalized merchandise, and artistic board games aimed at learning art while having fun; it also makes all types of gadgets – for self-operated stores and other customers – both for adults and children featuring ad hoc graphics and illustrations.  In accordance with current laws and out of respect for the environment, merchandise is also created calculating and paying attention to environmental impact, with products that are environmentally friendly and ecological, suitable for recycling and reuse with particular concern for production sources.  Special attention is also given to “short distribution chain” (or “zero km”) products: with this consumer choice, value is placed on local production and craftsmanship and a link with the land is recovered, thus getting to know typical and traditional products.  Collaborating with social cooperatives who produce handicrafts with recognized aesthetic quality is also important, inspired by the principles of human solidarity and respect for people.

Sillabe is partner in the research and development project InnovaPatrimonio, financed by POR FESR LAZIO 2014/2020 – REGIONE LAZIO Public notice “Beni Culturali e Turismo”.

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