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Raffaello - L'Arte con Matì e Dadà (Italian)

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After the success of the television series, this new set of books about Mati and Dada’s adventures as they meet famous artists is available now!

Art with Mati and Dada © Rai Fiction - Achtoons 

an idea by Giovanna Bo and Augusta Eniti

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A reading illustrated just like the cartoon! Amusing dialogues will help kids learn some basic elements of art. Some funny games follow the history.

Mati is a cheerful little girl fascinated by art history. She enjoys reading about great artists and looking at their works in her wonderful art books. Mati is keen and bright, and she is always ready to embark on new adventures through space and time to meet artists with her friend Dada.

Dada is a funny egg-shaped character with a spinning top for legs and a watering can on his head. Dada always wears his Quadrimetro, a magical belt that can transport him and his friend Mati through space and time into the works of art.


Follow Mati and Dada’s adventures: www.matidada.com

Facebook: Art with Mati and Dada 

Instagram: matiedada


E-BOOK 9788833401591