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Luigi Marchesi

by Stefano Aresi

For those who yet do not know the fascinating story of the singer who said 'no' to Napoleon: Luigi Napoleone


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The extraordinary story of Luigi Marchesi (1754-1829), one of the most influential castrato singers in the history of music.

A documented biography, a detailed look on the singer's life and glittering career, which started amongst the navate of the Duomo in Milano in 1765 and ended at Teatro la Scala in 1805. Marchesi crossed the musical world and was met by the most different reactions. 

In his over forty years of uninterrupted work in the most prestigious stages, Marchesi collaborated with composers such as Anfossi, Sarti, Zingarelli, Cherubini, Salieri, Mayr, Martín y Soler, Mysliveček, Pugnani;is saught for  (and often fights with) characters such as Catherine of Russia and Napoleone. His  “far musica” fascinated and influenced the young Paganini.

E-BOOK 9788833401928

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