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The Cupola of Santa Maria del Fiore

as told by its creator

Filippo Brunelleschi


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Finally a guide for everyone dedicated to the history and the description of the Dome of Florence Cathedral. Compelling, simple, yet in-depth.

Brunelleschi himself guides the reader through the secrets of his prestigious building, telling us the story of his life, his debut as an artist and the way he tied his fame to the florentine Dome, starting with the competition for the project assignment and then on, year after year, until the completion of his masterpiece. 

There are numerous side topics proposed in this guide: the technology of the time, the construction technique, the theoretical studies on the great examples of Roman architecture. From here the authors take their cue to propose interesting insights, even challenging, as the complex geometric analysis that are the basis of the design of the dome, but remain within the tracks of qualified disclosure. With a simple language and a captivating narration it is thus possible to violate the most hidden mysteries of the famous monument, which for many centuries has engaged the most sublime ingenuity in the attempt to imitate its perfection and to steal its secrets. A final glossary is also addressed to the less experienced in architecture, easily explaining the architectural particularities normally reserved for professionals.

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