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Silvio Loffredo. Vita, "immagini e immaginazioni"

La libera ricerca di un artista europeo nei fermenti della Firenze del suo tempo

di Marco Moretti

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In this volume, the art critic Marco Moretti, a profound connoisseur of the artist, examines the life and works of Silvio Loffredo (Paris, 1920 - Trebiano, 2013), through a chronological itinerary that starts from the memory of the artist's father, Michele, his first teacher. A long artistic journey that sheds light on the intense life of this painter, but also engraver and avant-garde film-maker, who arrived in 1945, to graduate from the Academy of Fine Arts, in Florence, a city he loved and hated but in which he would come into contact with the prolific and surreal artistic environment of the post-World War II years, not only in Italy. Moretti traces Loffredo's contacts with artists such as Ottone Rosai and Kokoschka, describing an interesting cross-section of his life up to the 2000s, with his famous cats and the imaginative representations of the Baptistery in the background.

Marco Moretti
Writer and art critic, publicist since 1983, he works as exhibition curator and he deals with the artistic and literary movements of the 20th century. In addition to publishing in art and literary magazines, he collaborated for over a decade on the national pages of 'La Nazione'.


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Texts by:
Marco Moretti
Edition (cm):
225 coloured and b&w photos