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Il Santuario Ritrovato 2. Dentro la Vasca Sacra

Rapporto Preliminare di Scavo al Bagno Grande di San Casciano dei Bagni

edited by Emanuele Mariotti, Ada Salvi and Jacopo Tabolli

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This volume presents for the first time the results of the excavations at the sacred pool of San Casciano dei Bagni.

Studies on the stratification of the votive deposit, on the monumental architecture of the sanctuary, on the long duration of rites and cults from the 3rd century B.C. to the 5th century A.D., become in the volume the narrative of the presentation of the bronze statues, coins, and vegetal offerings.

Studies on the landscape of the sacred, thermal medicine at the sanctuary, and divination practices are described in over 400 pages of text, which includes a preliminary edition of all the materials found.

Exactly six months after the conclusion of the excavation campaign and the Minister of Culture's announcement of the discovery, the researchers deliver to the scientific community and the general public a reasoned synthesis of the archaeological contexts and data, confirming the rapidity of the critical edition of the data inaugurated with the first volume in 2021.

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Il Santuario Ritrovato, no. 2

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