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Combat Prize 2022

Exhibition catalogue edited by Paolo Batoni  

13th edition of the renowned contemporary art prize

Livorno, Museo Civico “Giovanni Fattori” - Ex Granai di Villa Mimbelli

17 September – 8 October 2022

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One of the most important contemporary art awards in Italy.

Artists from all over the world for this contest in its thirteenth edition.

An event among the most selective for young artists from all over the world, chosen by today's most famous art critics such as Ilaria Gianni, Francesca Baboni, Lorenzo Balbi, Andrea Bruciati, Davide Ferri, Stefano Taddei.

With a free theme and without age restrictions, the Combat Prize, since its inception, has given voice to emerging talents and the most innovative artistic experiments, placing itself at the forefront of documenting the different paths taken by contemporary artists, their responses to contradictions political, social and human of our contemporaneity. A method that investigates the current international visual production, freeing itself from purely commercial discourses and logic. The Combat Prize 2022 is therefore confirmed as a privileged place to converge and reflect on the issues of Italian and international contemporary art.


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