Appesi a un filo

Bottoni alla Galleria del Costume di Palazzo Pitti

Exhibition catalogue, Florence (Galleria del Costume in Palazzo Pitti, 11 December 2007 - 27 April 2008)


The volume presents the 3000 buttons of the former Alberto Riva's collection, now belonging to the Galleria del Costume di Palazzo Pitti.

The exhibition of buttons from the Alberto Riva Collection, conserved at the Galleria del Costume in Florence, is a hymn of praise to the fantastic variety that has distinguished, through the centuries, these little accessories to men's and women's attire. The history of the shapes, sizes and materials of buttons over the years has been studied by Caterina Chiarelli and Dora Liscia, renowned costume experts, with the aid of young students.
The buttons in the Riva Collection, catalogued and presented with descriptions and comments, are displayed here in a way that allows them to fully express their messages. Because buttons are not only beautiful and useful, but also highly significant in relation to the social role of a garment; and here we need only think of the buttons on military uniforms, or those adorning a frock coat.
The Galleria del Costume, which possesses splendid collections of clothing and accessories from the 18th century to our own day, has thus focused the spotlight on a very special sector of wearing apparel, which will from now on be more carefully studied by specialists and more greatly appreciated by all.


Data sheet

Edited by:
Caterina Chiarelli, Dora Liscia
Edition (cm):
21 x 29,7