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Il carro d’oro di Johann Paul Schor

L’effimero splendore dei carnevali barocchi

Maschere dell’Arte e spettacolarità barocca

edited by Maria Matilde Simari and Alessandra Griffo

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Florence, Uffizi Galleries

Palazzo Pitti – Sala delle Nicchie

20 February – 5 May 2019

The purchase, by the Uffizi Galleries, of the great painting by Johann Paul Schor depicting the procession of Prince Giovan Battista Borghese for the Carnival of Rome in 1664 proved to be a great opportunity to deepen his studies on the artist and so reconstruct not only the history of the event depicted on the canvas, but a whole network of artistic relations in the late seventeenth century in Rome and Florence. 

The magnificence, the pomp, the surprises, the exuberance and even the extravagance of the Carnival of the Prince are to be placed in an intellectual context that goes far beyond the clichés connected with the exaggerations of the Baroque taste.

The exhibition and its catalogue evoke the atmosphere of the Baroque carnivals, where wagons and carriages were a primary element. 

On this occasion, together with the golden cart we can admire the Carousel Joust for the Arrival in Rome of Christine of Sweden, a monumental canvas by Filippo Gagliardi and Filippo Lauri (exceptionally lent by the Museum of Rome) and compare it with the satire of Jacques Callot’s Dance of Sfessania.

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Edited by:
Maria Matilde Simari e Alessandra Griffo
Edition (cm):
21 x 25
184 pagine a colori con anta apribile
190 foto a colori
Front cover:
copertina plastificata con bandelle
Firenze Musei - Gallerie degli Uffizi