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Capolavori in bianco e nero / Masterpieces in black and white

The works of art, the museums, the visitors

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The works of art, the museums, the visitors

Exploring the Florentine museums in black and white means a number of things.
First of all, homage paid to the indispensable need to see the original with one’s own eyes, without the intercession of any reproduction on paper, opportunely deceptive; and thus a chance to relive the visual experience as regards form and content.
For acquiring a work of art by degrees, for analysing it, black and white is a precious tool that attributes to the image an absolute value, making no claim to replace it, but adding to the experience of the visit.
With Raffaele Monti and his incomparable eye, we have traced this journey through the formal contents of art.
Collocating the works of art within the context of a visit to open museums means instead bringing them back to a precise temporal sphere. This volume is not a guide to the works, nor a virtual visit to the museums, but an anthology of real visits, a multiplicity of points of view (which are enhanced by black and white, thanks specifically to its uniformity), selected for us by a photographer of the theatre, sensitive and highly professional: Lucia Baldini.
And so: we have lowered the tone, turned down the lights, eliminated the colour.
In black and white the spaces, the masterpieces and the public have emerged.
The spaces are revealed in all of their architectural rigour; the masterpieces are striking in their forms and chiaroscuro; and lastly, we have discovered the public. In the silence of black and white, the multicoloured, miscellaneous humanity of Summer shows itself for what it is: a group of different persons all brought together by a unique, accessible experience, and so standing in queues, crowding together in halls, and pausing at length, thoughtfully, before a work of art.
The museums traditionally most thronged, the Uffizi and the Accademia, appear on closing day too, when the only presences are the familiar ones of those who care for and safeguard them. And certainly this is a supreme occasion for the experts to concentrate to the utmost.
But our most striking impressions have come from comparing the eternal images (so often presented in books, by ourselves as well) with the occasional and astonished presences of the visitors (or ‘tourists’).
We have thus had the privilege of (re)visiting some masterpieces for the first time and, as always, we have (re)discovered our own ignorance.

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Data sheet

Edited by:
Raffaele Monti, Lucia Baldini
Edition (cm):
14 x 19
photos by Lucia Baldini
filo refe con bandelle
Front cover:
plastificata in b/n
Firenze musei
Translation by:
Catherine Frost