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Piero della Francesca

From the Triumphal Diptych of the Lords of Urbino to the Flagellation

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This concise, detailed itinerary begins in the Uffizi with the Triumphal Diptych of the Dukes of Urbino, authoritatively commented upon by the author, who then takes us across Tuscan (and backwards in time) toward Della Francesca's origins in the Church of San Francesco in Arezzo, where the great fresco series on the is found. Also in Arezzo, in the Cathedral, is Magdalene, encumbered and partly obscured by the famed Tardeti tomb. Following the Arno toward its source, we come to the small town of Monterchi, nestled amongst the hills, where another famous della Francesca masterpiece can be viewed: the Madonna of Childbirth. Then a few kilometres beyond Monterchi is Sansepolcro, the walls of whose town hall bear the Resurrection of Christ. Finally, in the Ducal Building of Urbino, we are made to contemplate on two of della Francesca's greatest masterpieces: the Madonna of Senigallia and the Flagellation of Christ.

"Readings and itineraries" is a carefully thought out guidebook series on some of the greatest artists of all time.
Beginning with each author's main work, a course is plotted throgh the museums, churches and sites wherever the artist's masterpieces may be found.
This is the simple basic design underlying n authoritative publication aimed at the widest possible audience.
A convenient chronology and essential bibliography enrich and complete the texts.


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15 × 21
3 b&w and 34 color illustrations
Raffaele Monti

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