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Florence the new complete tourist guide

12 Itineraries, the Monuments, the Museums, the Medici, the Curiosities

Plus map of Florence

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With a handy and practical up-to-date map.

The volume Florence. 12 Itineraries, Monuments, Museums, the Medici and Curiosities carries on with our new series, “Tempo Libero”, which includes, in addition to city guides, a noteworthy number of gadgets with art subjects, city views, panoramas.

Aimed at providing the greatest amount of information possible so that any tourist, even with little time at disposal, can have the pleasure of choosing what to visit. This small guide contains useful indications also for those tourists who have more time to spend on an in-depth tour.
In fact, it gathers general and detailed information (in special text boxes), written by the authors on the basis of archive documents (many of which have never been published before), touching upon topics such as art, historic figures, places, traditions and curious facts.
The book is divided into 12 itineraries, each with its own detailed street map. It guides the reader on his/her discovery of the beauties of Florence, with an in-depth description of noteworthy city sights. Much attention is also given to both major museums as well as lesser known ones.  
Finally, two ample sections are dedicated to what Florence has to offer outside its city walls and in Fiesole.
The guide also aims to offer useful information for sojourns and great spots from where to take breathtaking photos (designated with asterisks). The Medici biographies at the end of the book illustrate the protagonists of Renaissance Florence. But Florence, besides its history and art, can also be experienced through the excellent cooking you’ll find there. In fact, particular attention is paid to traditional, scrumptious dishes.


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