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Pippo Lionni. 20230215 43°11°

An artist's book, a work of art, a poetic manifesto.

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Pippo Lionni, was born in New York and has been living in Paris since the early eighties. His multicultural background and multidisciplinary education result in variety of activities and forms of expression such as big wall installations, projected animations and painting. He was awarded the distinction of « Chevalier de l’Ordre des Arts et des Lettres » by French Ministry of culture in 2001.

“The cover image of this catalog effectively reflects the feral spirit Pippo Lionni brings to every one of his artistic actions. This image from behind his animalistic leap onto an unfinished sculptural object, a semi-finished product that has not yet expressed his full aesthetic potential, reveals much of what he continually asks of himself and of the art he practices. Basically, Lionni never considers his work really finished; he does not conceive of art as the creation of objects, but rather as a long creative process that may have no end, studded with accidents, contradictions, doubts and second thoughts, but also with instances of unexpected intersections, suggesting new paths to take”

Carlo Nepi, Introduction.


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